Escapin Tackle design and manufacture the majority of the fishing tackle we sell however to make sure we can offer you a fair range of excellent quality Game Fishing Tackle we are also proud to offer the following brands.

Ocean Tech Tackle produce a large range of high quality big game lures that have proven successful for catching a variety of pelagic fish including; marlin, sailfish, spearfish, tuna, mackerel, etc... We have taken the craft of lure making and combined it with the latest technology available, to mold a new generation of lures that have proven themselves time and time again when put up against fresh baits and other leading brand lures.

After extensive research and trials we developed a radical new range of lures that are easy to use and provide an added advantage when fishing in gaining high results. This range of lures are all high quality soft heads that mimic the natural density and feel of bait fish, that all pelagic species prey upon, resulting in higher hookup rates. In addition to this the heads have an added shimmer to the colour which assist in replicating a bait fish that is in distress. The action of these lures is quite aggressive as it proceeds to dive it gives off a prolonged smoke trail and vibration thanks to the innovative dimpled outer surface of the lure


River2sea offer an excellent range of fishing lures. We mainly stock their game fishing lures however if there is anything from their range you would like we can get it.

They have fishing lures to suit game fishing, sports fishing and also bream / bass fishing.

The River2sea Killer Vib is one of our best selling hard body fishing lures. These are deadly on Tuna, Wahoo and Mahi Mahi.



Our passion and mission is to design and develop only the highest quality fishing tackle products. To this end, all tackle we distribute is extensively tested aboard MV 'Black Pete', a 40' game boat, and 'Ruckus' a 7.3m trail boat. We also collaborate with a number of leading east game-charter operators in the development and testing of our products

All our key staff are experienced blue water, land based and estuary fisherman with thousands of hours under their belts and an impressive range of trophies to their credit.

Black Pete continues to support our sport and industry by sponsoring most well known Tournaments. Our tackle is sold only through a growing number of highly regarded tackle stores.

Black Pete have an excellent range of bait rigging needles and Windon Leaders for game fishing that we are proud to stock.


Momoiís Hi-Catch I.G.F.A. Nylon Monofilament Line is produced to exact tolerances and is designed to break just under I.G.F.A. specifications for each line class, providing that extra margin of breaking strength over other I.G.F.A. lines to tournament fisherman and world record seekers without the worry of exceeding I.G.F.A. requirements.

We also stock Momoi Monofilament Game Fishing Leader in 20lb right up to 400lb breaking strain.

Made in Japan.



Black Bart Lures have a excellent reputation for quality and performance in the game fishing industry. Nearly all anglers know the name and when they see one of these lures in your lure bag you'll need to keep your eye on it so it wont go missing.

We stock a range of larger Black Bart Lures however if there is a particular one you are after let us know and we'll do our best to get it for you.


Henderson Australia are an Australian owned company that are renowned for excellent quality Game Fishing Tackle with a focus on making Game Fishing Teasers.

The Henderson Speedie Bird has a reputation as one of the best Game Fishing Teasers available for attracting Tuna and Sailfish. They send water flying up to 2 feet high create noise that gamefish just can't resist.

They also supply Marine flags for Game Fishing Tournaments, lure bags and game fish teaser bags.


EL BANDITO Productions

The DVD: Small Boat Big Sharks - Fishing aboard El Bandito

Greg and his crews have been fishing South Coast Waters for over 20 years. Everywhere he goes, his video camera goes with him.

A great view into Small Boat Game Fishing for Sharks! This DVD Gives great insight to what shark fishing on small boats is all about.

Over the last 10 years Greg and his crew on El Bandito have managed to capture some excellent footage of over 5 species of sharks. Here Greg presents some of his favourite snippets while fishing for sharks over the years.

It has taken thousands of fishing hours on the water over the last 7 summer seasons to compile enough video footage to make this DVD.

With the exception of a few sharks most of the action is captured off the Illawarra Coastline and lower South Coast region.

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